Abacus Visualization Tools

Main features of interactivity, user experience and usability of our dashboards.



Abacus Consulting has a visualization toolset that includes visualization templates, data integration APIs and models.

  1. Country comparisons
  2. Fever graphs
  3. Horizontal bars
  4. Vertical bars
  5. Index classifications
  6. Classifications of persons
  7. Clasificaciones
  8. Scattering matrices
  9. Area charts
  10. Spider or radar graphs
  11. Stacked column charts
  12. Tabulated information


Interactive menus

To select the information.

Transitions and effects

Interactivity and user experience.
Hide or show bars or fevers by clicking on keys (years, sectors…).

Explanatory buttons

To better understand the indexes.

Temporary filters and selectors

To sort data, change dates or select new sets.



To work with visualizations

Color hierarchy and keys

Order in the visual information.

Data download

In CSV or Excel format.

File download

In PNG or PDF format.