END-TO-END PLATFORMAPPcelerateOmnichannel digital campaigns on premium publishers
to connect brands with geocontextualised audiences.
COMPASS >We present you the definitive
geomarketing tool for
the retail sector.
PROCESSING AND ANALYSISOur Data LakeA data lake is a centralized repository that allows you to store
all your structured and unstructured data at any scale.
A 360º Marketing solution with
which you will be able to activate
outdoor advertising.
CLEAR CONTENTData visualizationWe admire new strategies that bring technology closer to users,
visualization and communication through design and infographics.

Location intelligence

360º Solutions

We are leaders in the development of innovative solutions in the field of Location Intelligence.

High-quality geospatial data is more important than ever before

We do geomarketing

By combining geographic data with business data, companies can gain critical insight, make better decisions and optimize key business processes.

Predictive models, prescriptive models and geographic insights.

We are location intelligence

Your business opportunity may lie in geospatial data. The localization dimension allows us to discover a new model in the decision-making process.

Own Datalake: +200 data sources

With qualitative data

ABACUS CONSULTING proposes you to analyze the location with quality, but above all to better understand your business, the market and what is needed to make the right decisions.

Visual information analytics.

The last


We like new ideas and technology. We develop innovative projects. We admire new strategies that bring technology closer to users, visualization and communication through design and infographics. We respect the maps. We want to learn.

Álvaro de Gracia, CEO of APPcelerate, leads the contextual advertising revolution in Marketing Insider Review

Alvaro de Gracia shares his leading insights on geocontextual advertising in an exclusive interview published by Marketing Insider Review in January 2024. Discover how APPcelerate uses artificial intelligence to deliver highly personalized advertising campaigns based on geographic and user behavioral data. Learn more about the future of digital advertising.
Álvaro de Gracia

APPcelerate’s impact on programmatic advertising, according to Emprendedores

Discover how APPcelerate is revolutionizing digital advertising according to Emprendedores. This leading adTech, under the leadership of Álvaro de Gracia, offers innovative solutions for audience segmentation without relying on cookies. With a focus on geospatial data based on physical mobility, the company has tripled its turnover in just over a year, establishing itself as a disruptive force in geolocation and digital advertising.
Álvaro de Gracia

Abacus Consulting, awarded with the BormeOnline 2023 award

Abacus Consulting has been awarded the BormeOnline prize, which highlights the "innovative and entrepreneurial" character of the company.

Our experience in new technologies supports us


Our technology allows us to detect and better understand users and their interests, in order to target them with the right messages at the right time.

  • Predictive analytics

    Data, algorithms and processing power are the keys to improving your predictive capabilities. At ABACUS CONSULTING, reducing uncertainty in your business is our goal.

  • Big Data Location

    We work with real-time and reliable data to optimize your decisions, offering a simpler and cheaper administration.

  • Visualization

    Location intelligence is not only about analyzing the information on a map by itself, but also about analyzing spatial data to identify relationships and obtain decisive insights to solve particular problems.

Quality of data

We are data providers

We are a specialist in location-related third-party data products; we enrich them to deliver quality.

Web Services

We are developers

Through ‘Web Services’ we offer solutions for the integration of business systems and information services through applications.

Data insights

We are analysts

Our analytical technology offerings include applications for GIS, advanced spatial analysis, visualization, reporting and data dashboards.

Inteligencia de los datos

Datos multidimensionales.

Geo Events
Geo Selling
POIs y Movilidad
Repositorio de información

Activación programática

Red TOP de Publishers Nacionales e Internacionales con audiencias premium. Retargeting & look a like ready:

Audiencias Premium
Publishers con base geo

Construcción de audiencias

Creación de audiencias, lugares y momentos.

Selección de soportes digitales
Medición pre&post campaña
Activación exterior
Consulta de datos 100% visual

Precision advertising: programmatic activation and geo-audiences

APPcelerate is the innovative platform for the activation of geo-audiences with affinity level to impact in different channels: mobile digital, outdoor digital, connected TV and digital audio, which has in its ecosystem an exclusive solution for the DOOH market.

We connect brands and people and places based on location data, with maximum respect for privacy laws.

Productivity tools

Discover what APPcelerate can do for your agency



Make an impact on connected television.


The solution to activate omnichannel digital campaigns.


Advertising activation and retargeting on cell phones.

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