Data is on the air: APPcelerate, Capital Radio

Álvaro de Gracia (CEO and founder of APPcelerate and Abacus Consulting), Macarena Estévez and Laureano Turienzo (board members).

Los datos están en el aire, Capital Radio: APPcelerate

Álvaro de Gracia, CEO of Abacus Consulting and CEO of Appcelerate, is the protagonist of the program ‘Data is on the air’ in which Macarena Estévez, independent consultant of Círculo de Ingenio Analítico and partner emeritus of Deloitte, also takes part. As always, guests are invited by Alejandro Llorente, partner and co-founder of PiperLab; and Enrique Polo, vice president of Salesforce Iberia.

The program was broadcast on February 27, 2023 on Capital Radio. Program 243.

Data is in the air

With Luis Vicente Muñoz

Monday from 10:05 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
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Data is in the Air is the first radio program in Spanish dedicated to the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in business and everyday life. The program is supported technically and analytically by Salesforce and PiperLab Each week, technology and data managers from all types of industries explain first-hand the digital transformation processes in their companies. It is a meeting for the transfer of knowledge and high-level experiences. Every Monday, with Enrique Polo, VP of Salesforce and Esther Morales, partner at Piperlab, Luis Vicente Muñoz opens a conversation with the invited executives. The podcast collection is a lively, sonorous account of how data technology is changing the lives of businesses.