De izquierda a derecha, Adrián Reyes (APPcelerate), Yon Yon Vidaurreta (Deloitte), Álvaro de Gracia (APPcelerate), Davide Frabrizio y Carlos Real (Deloitte) durante la presentación del documento.

From left to right, Adrian Reyes (APPcelerate), Yon Vidaurreta (Deloitte), Alvaro de Gracia (APPcelerate), Davide Frabrizio and Carlos Real (Deloitte) during the presentation of the document.

Deloitte authenticates APPcelerate’s geospatial technology to measure ROI

The auditor concludes that the activation of campaigns based on APPcelerate data increases the number of visitors to a tourist site by 16.8%: The ‘Ad-Tech’ platform proved to be a fundamental tool for attracting the public to the façade.

In this way, APPcelerate marks a milestone in the world of measuring the ROI of advertising and marketing campaigns by being able to offer a data validated by Deloitte, after studying more than 180,000 mobile location data. Alvaro de Gracia, CEO of APPcelerate, together with Carlos Real, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Deloitte, introduced the session with a concise overview of the state of the art in the measurement of marketing actions in front of leading professionals in outdoor advertising, programmatic activation and connected TV.